Since the founding of Peak Financial Management in 1991, investors have seen every kind of economic and political drama. We’ve experienced two recessions and the dot.com bubble. We’ve marveled at game-changing companies like Amazon and Google and the rise of China and other emerging economies. We’ve survived the mortgage crisis and great recession and huge governmental bailouts. We’ve seen record highs and lows.

Through it all, our approach to wealth management has remained the same — create for each client a comprehensive and customized plan that includes both financial planning and disciplined investing, and stay focused on long-term goals, not on daily fluctuations in the markets.

This long-term orientation has served our clients well, and has attributed to Peak founder Pran Tiku’s being sought for insight and advice by various financial media. He has contributed to both local and national media, including: CNBC, Medscape, and the Bazinga TV radio program.

Pran’s expertise in emerging markets led to the publication of his latest book, The Emerging Markets Handbook: An Analysis of the Investment Potential in 18 Key Emerging Economies published by Harriman House in May 2014. Pran additionally authored another book back in 2008 called Six Sizzling Markets: How to Profit from Investing in India, China, Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Russia.