Our Team

Luisa Pandolfi

HR & Accounting Manager

Luisa joined the firm in 1991 as one of our first team members.

Luisa is the Human Resources and Accounting Manager at Peak Financial. She oversees Peak’s general accounting operations including budgeting, reporting, developing and monitoring internal accounting controls, as well as supervising the daily internal financial operations and practices. Luisa also manages all aspects of our human resources, payroll, and employee benefits procedures and policies.

Luisa also serves as a critical liaison with insurance brokers, insurance carriers, pension administrators, and other outside experts for our company. The role extends to helping clients with insurance applications, monitoring and managing client policies, and overseeing ongoing insurance needs. She partners with outside legal and business professionals to help ensure our employment policies are consistent with contemporary laws and regulations in order to ensure that the necessary bonding and insurance requirements are implemented and current. She also serves as an employee advocate by reviewing and recommending changes in benefits offered, aimed at increased employee satisfaction and retention.

She is a graduate of Fisher College, with a major in Management.

Luisa enjoys hiking and traveling.