The Client Connection

Managing the Details

A married couple, both physicians, accumulated a significant, but disorganized, investment portfolio. In addition to trust accounts and IRAs they participated in four distinct employer-sponsored retirement plans. Each plan had its own unique menu of investment options.

With so many moving pieces the couple didn’t have a good grasp on what they owned or how to best manage it. We evaluated the various investment options in each plan and recommended funds that would work with the asset allocation we maintained in their portfolio. We worked with their employers to coordinate payroll elections and handled the paperwork that ensured we would be able to monitor and manage these accounts on their behalf.

Through this process the many disparate pieces now work together in concert with our recommended asset allocation and their retirement objectives, all with minimal effort by the clients.

Disclosure: “This client story is based upon a composite of real client stories, each of which had a particular set of goals and objectives. The services described in these stories may differ from services provided to other clients, and the results achieved may not be similar, as every client’s goals and objectives are unique.”