The Client Connection

The Big Picture

Wealth management is a long-term endeavor. We started working with an engineer two decades ago when he was in his late 40s and his kids were in high school.

He and his wife had many interests, but as we got to know them we saw they had two overarching financial goals — a comfortable retirement and college educations for their two children.

We made these goals the centerpieces of a broader financial plan. We coordinated personal investments with the employer pension and 401(k) plan. We helped to develop an estate plan including insurance and trusts to protect the family in the event of death or disability. And we carefully forecasted cash flows necessary to support college tuition.

Past results are no guarantee of future performance, but one child is now a film producer in Hollywood. The other child is now an executive at a global provider of online recruitment solutions. And our client took an early retirement at 62.