The Client Connection

Wherever Life Leads

This couple was and is one of our first clients. We’ve helped them plan for and adjust to the many life transitions they’ve experienced.

When both spouses had modest incomes, we created a financial plan that kept them on track and started building for the future.

The husband moved from the hospitality industry to nursing home management, from Boston to Atlanta to New York. Finally he transitioned to doing graduate work at NYU and teaching.

The wife progressed steadily in the hotel industry and after two decades achieved a major position as a corporate executive with one of largest global hotel companies. She moved from Boston to New York to the Bahamas to set up new hotels.

Wherever they went, our guidance went with them. We helped them through major job changes, in the US and overseas. We managed the portfolio during the transitions, designed a retirement strategy, kept an eye on taxes, and considered the best way to utilize a substantial stock option plan.

The couple is now retired in an ocean front residence in Central America.