“The Emerging Markets Handbook” by Pran Tiku Available Online

emerging_markets_handbookIn The Emerging Markets Handbook Pran Tiku provides investors with a highly detailed examination of 18 countries that could host the stock market stars of the future: China, South Korea, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, Poland, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

At its heart is an analysis of the 18 economies’ strength and potential for growth. This assessment is based on the ten crucial drivers of growth, including demographics, business conditions, capital markets and more. Following exhaustive research into the numbers behind each of these drivers, Pran Tiku is able to draw on a wealth of data from respected sources to form conclusions about the current position and future prospects of each market. He illustrates this data with explanatory charts and tables, allowing readers to trace recent trends and compare this to where the countries stand now.

Providing a groundbreaking ranking of all emerging markets, the author goes on to sort them into standouts, in-betweeners and strugglers. This means you can truly see which markets offer the most commanding opportunities, which have room for development and which currently present a poorer investment case. The Emerging Markets Handbook is an indispensable guide to finding the future’s hottest markets.

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