Investment Approach

Complex challenges demand unique, imaginative solutions. At Peak Financial, we apply decades of experience, powerful technologies, and relentless research to answer your most important financial questions. We are guided by several core beliefs:

  • Allocate carefully – It is widely accepted that how money is distributed to different asset classes (such as bonds, stocks, emerging markets, alternatives, etc) is a prime determinant of portfolio performance. We never use a black-box formula for the allocation decision, but set allocations based on the specific needs of each client.
  • Diversify liberally – History proves that any investment can move in any direction at any time with no warning. We utilize mutual funds and exchange traded funds containing dozens to thousands of securities to reduce exposure to any single company, geography or industry. We do not pick individual stocks and bonds.
  • Maintain objectivity – As a fee-only advisor, we sell no financial products and receive no compensation of any kind from any product providers. As a result, we are able to scour markets around the world for opportunities that best match client needs.
  • Do the research – For a small firm, we have made large investments in information technology, providing access to cutting edge investment research and the tools to conduct our own research as well. We believe in the power of empirical evidence and seek to exploit it in making portfolio decisions.
  • Evolve with the client – Personal, professional and financial situations change over time. Children go to college. Parents need care. New job opportunities arise. As these changes occur, we carefully review and adjust plans and portfolios to ensure they stay completely aligned with client needs and goals.